What is Disability Through the Social Security Administration?

When a person is unable to work, they may be entitled to disability through the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration provides two types of benefits. The first benefit is often referred to as SSDI, Social Security Disability Insurance, which is based on a person’s work history and social security credits. The second benefit is called SSI, Supplemental Security Income, and is based on the earnings within a person’s household.

We at Siferd & Associates are excited to announce that we now have an attorney who is experienced in disability through the Social Security Administration, to assist our clients during the difficult procedure. Attorney Yvonne Siferd is excited to help those who may be eligible for disability benefits by guiding them through the challenges of the process. It is her goal to ease the stress during an already difficult time.


Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

SSDI is a benefit that is determined by a person’s work credits, which are earned while in the employ of an employer who is under the Social Security Administration, not under the Public Employees Retirement System. Typically, a person must have a certain number of credits earned within 10 years leading up to their disability to qualify. The amount of the benefit is based upon the wages earned under SSA. Because the rules and regulations around the Social Security Administration and SSDI are complex and ever changing, contact Siferd & Associates of Lima, Ohio, today to schedule an appointment with our experienced attorney today!


Supplement Income Insurance (SSI)

SSI is another benefit that one may be eligible for if they are disabled. SSI is typically for those who do not have enough credits to qualify for SSDI. In addition, some who qualify for SSDI may also qualify for SSI, if their earning history is low. SSI maximum benefits are set by the federal government and are offset based on the household earnings. The rules surrounding SSI and the disability process under the Social Security Administration are complex with frequent changes. To see if you may qualify, contact Siferd & Associates today to schedule an appointment with Yvonne Siferd!