Worker Compensation Lawyer Lima Ohio

Worker Compensation Lawyer Lima Ohio

Employees that suffer a work-related injury or illness deserve to be compensated by their employer. However, most employees are not aware of this. Or when they are aware, they do not know how much their claim is worth, a workers’ compensation lawyer in Lima, Ohio, is the right professional to talk to if you or anyone you know finds themselves in these shoes. Even if you think the injury is minor, you should still have a lawyer examine the merits of your case. They’ll be in the best position to advise you on whether you need to file a claim and how much your claim is worth.

Why do you need a worker compensation lawyer in Lima, OH?

Tip the scales in your favor

The workers’ compensation system was initially designed to ensure workers get fair and prompt compensation after suffering work-related injuries. Unfortunately, employers and insurers continually exploit the loopholes in this scheme to their benefit, safe in the knowledge that their employees do not know better. By hiring a competent workers’ compensation lawyer in Lima, Ohio, you will be tipping the scales in your favor. From our experience, employers’ attitude to compensation claim changes once they realize it’s filed by a competent personal injury lawyer.

A thorough understanding of worker’s compensation laws

How much do you know about workers’ comp laws in Lima, OH? Do you even know what your employers should be paying for? For example, many employees do not know that their compensation should, at least, cover their full medical expenses and lost wages during the period of the illness. If the injury or illness results in a permanent disability, you should also get a lump sum or a payment plan covering anticipated lost wages. Rather than settle for whatever you’re offered, why not contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in Lima, Ohio, to take up your case and help you get what you deserve?

Prevent any form of discrimination

It is not uncommon for employees to receive unfair treatment after filing a worker’s comp claim. Sometimes, they can be dismissed or demoted from work or suffer other subtler forms of discrimination. If you have a lawyer on your side, your employer will think twice about mistreating you because they know it’ll put them in even more trouble.

Receive treatment from the best physicians

In many workers’ compensation cases, the employer or their insurance company appoints their physician to handle the medical examinations and treatment. In recent times, the employees are taken to industrial clinics where they’re treated quickly to limit the medical expenses. Unfortunately, the treatment is often inadequate. A workers’ compensation lawyer in Lima, OH, can ensure you’re taken to the specialists for treatment. When necessary, the lawyer can help you seek a second opinion from other experts in the field to limit the chances of a misdiagnosis or inadequate treatment.

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Worker Compensation Lawyer Lima Ohio
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