Workers Compensation

Our firm has been representing injured claimants in our community since before the Industrial Commission and Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) were established. We are here to help guide you through the administrative procedure before these agencies.

Injuries can have devastating medical and financial consequences for a worker and their family. During an injury, paychecks can be cut off, medical bills accumulate and can possibly cause an injured worker to sell their home. Employers may try to send you to a doctor of their choice, or a "hired doctor", who will say that your injury is mild and doesn’t require the treatment initially recommended by your doctor. Our job is to make sure you are treated fairly throughout the entire process.


The process:

The Bureau of Workers' Compensation is an administrative agency that oversees claims, claim applications, and serves as a repository for claim documents. The Bureau can make some decisions pertaining to claims. Those decisions can be appealed to the Industrial Commission.

When a dispute arises, the Bureau refers the claim to the Industrial Commission. The Commission is an adjudicatory agency that utilizes hearing officers to decide disputed issues. The first hearing is held before a District Hearing Officer who will make a decision based on information received during the initial hearing. That decision can also be appealed, in which case the claim will go before a Staff Hearing Officer. Both District and Staff hearing officers are lawyers. From the Staff Hearing Officer a party can appeal to the Industrial Commission. That appeal is discretionary, which means the Commission may or may not agree to hear the appeal in a formal hearing. Beyond the Commission, some issues can be appealed to court in various manners.

No matter which level your case requires, we are here to help you and to see that you are treated fairly.