You Deserve to Be Compensated for Your Losses

Turn to our law firm in Lima, OH for help filing a workers' compensation claim

Ohio employees who've lost their eyesight, hearing or use of their limbs due to a workplace accident can recover "scheduled loss" benefits through a workers' compensation claim. Those whose limbs were amputated might also qualify for statutory permanent total disability benefits. Before you file a claim, consult a workplace accident attorney in Lima, OH to confirm that you're eligible for compensation.

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How much money could you be entitled to?

A scheduled loss award is a financial compensation or cash benefit that is paid to an injured employee for the permanent loss of wage-earning capacity. Depending on the injury or loss of use, an injured employee may qualify for weekly payment over the duration below:

  • Arm - 225 weeks
  • Foot - 150 weeks
  • Hand - 175 weeks
  • Hearing - 125 weeks
  • Leg - 200 weeks
  • Vision - 125 weeks
You might also qualify for prorated weeks for each toe, finger and eye. However, you'll want a workplace accident attorney to file your claim; otherwise, you might be denied benefits and unable to appeal the decision.

You have limited time to file a workers' compensation claim, so visit our law office in Lima, OH today to get started.

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